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Welcome to Symphony EDA's secure online store. From here, you can purchase products in one of many ways

  • Online method: Use the secure online order processing system. Select the products (and quantity) and pay using most popular credit cards. You can be up and running in minutes (or even seconds if your credit card issuing bank provides online verification) with the keys to download appropriate licenses delivered electronically. This method is highly recommend.
  • Offline fax method: Enter the store, select the products you wish to buy and use the fax method to pay using your credit-card.
  • Offline mail method: Enter the store, select the products and mail (postal) the order and pay via credit-card or a check drawn on a US bank. Note: The "Check" payment method is not processed until the check is cleared.
  • Offline purchase order method: If you are a company or an institution, you can use the store to generate a purchase order to process the purchase through your company's purchasing department procedures.

Our store is currently under maintenance. Sorry, Please try again later.

The following are some frequently asked questions about purchasing our products.

What is the pricing for VHDL Simili licenses?

VHDL Simili licenses are available in the following configurations. Buy now and SAVE

Edition License Configuration Price
Standard One-year node-locked license US$300


One-year floating license US$500
Professional One-year node-locked license US$750
Professional One-year floating license US$1000

We believe that we are providing the best value in the digital simulation industry. Yes, you can pay a lot more with other vendors but ask yourself why? With this price, you get the features you need most along with top-notch quality, performance and support. When you purchase a license, you are free to get any or all updates (new revisions and builds, so long as your license is active). To compare the features for the various editions, click here.

Why yearly licenses?

Because of the low volume associated with CAD/EDA software, almost all CAD companies have adopted such a licensing model. However, other companies call this "maintenance fee" while they charge a higher upfront price for the first year. While you have an active license, you will be able to use all future versions of the software and the same license will work will any version of the software.

What is the difference between a node-locked license and a floating license?

A node-locked license allows one instance of the software to run on one particular computer. A floating license allows the license to be installed on a server but any computer on the LAN (local-area-network) is allowed to use the license (the license floats and each license allows one concurrent access to one instance of the software). For example, three floating licenses allow a maximum of any three users to use the software concurrently.

Can I get permanent (perpetual) licenses instead of one-year licenses?

Yes. Please contact us for pricing on perpetual licenses.

Can I get a price discount for purchasing multiple licenses?

Yes. If you plan to purchase 5 or more licenses of our products, please contact us.

What is the difference between standard and professional editions?

The differences between the free, standard and professional editions are documented here.

What is the difference between the standard and free editions?

The differences between the free, standard and professional editions are documented here.

Is there a special policy for schools and universities?

Yes. Please refer to our University Program page for more details.

Is there a student edition?

No. If you are a student who wishes to use VHDL Simili for coursework, we recommend you convince your professor or TA to become a part of our University Program. Also, our free (but highly performance limited) edition of VHDL Simili is available for download on our website.

Is printed documentation available?

No. We recommend printing the documentation using the included PDF file. The PDF was prepared so that it can generate high print quality.

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