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Following our tradition of "the very successful support/update policy", Symphony EDA has introduced a new policy for making future enhancements open to the public. We hope that our "open-enhancement" process is just as successful as our "open-update" policy.

The enhancements listed in this page relate to products that are currently shipping. At this time, Symphony EDA does not make public, features and enhancements to products that are not yet publicly announced/shipping or those enhancements that it considers are of strategic interest.

Why do we have this policy? "Because, most enhancements users request are actually minor changes to the software itself and yet, they can be very productive for the user". If we become aware of your needs, we will try to accommodate them in future releases. Our criteria for accepting an enhancement is that it does not violate the scope of the product (such as adding synthesis features to a simulation product) and if it can improve the tool for a large number of the users (it is a popular, yet feasible enhancement request).

We also request that you review the existing list of enhancements before submitting yours to ensure that it is not already listed below. We will appreciate the reduced traffic.

Create a new enhancement request

Enhancements scheduled for future versions: (low confidence)

  • Sort signals/variables by name: Create a mode where the signals/variables are either displayed in their declaration order, sorted by name ascending and sorted by name descending. 
  • Misc.:
    • Limit the length of the signal name displayed in the waveform window
  • Detached Waveform Windows: Allow the Waveform window to be displayed in its own frame-window independent of the main Sonata frame-window. In other words, waveform windows reside in their own frame-windows.

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