Upgrading from VHDL Simili version 2.0/1.5 to a newer version (does not apply if you are upgrading from version 2.1 to 2.2 or higher)

With version VHDL Simili version 2.1, an upgrade to the FLEXlm license manager had to be done due to some technical reasons. Unfortunately, this has caused older license files to become incompatible. While you can download/request the newer license files for the product you own using the Licensing Wizard, you may run into problems running license managers for the two versions. While it is technically possible to run both license managers using separate TCP ports (see documentation for FLEXlm), we do not recommend this as it can cause a lot of confusion. It is highly recommend that you have exactly one license manager running at any given time.

The procedures to shutting down (and restarting) a license manager is given below. Note that these procedures are only for the computer designated as the license server.


Using the tool LMTOOLS available in the Start menu (use Start->Programs->Symphony EDA->VHDL Simili X.Y->License Management->License Configurator... where X.Y represents the version number; for example 2.1 or 2.2 or 2.3)

  1. Using the first tab, select the License manager appropriate for the version that you want disabled. The name of the license manager for VHDL Simili 2.0 was simply called "Symphony EDA License Manager". The license manager for VHDL Simili 2.1/2.2 is now called "Symphony EDA Lic. Mgr (v1.1)". Note that version 1.1 is the version of the license manager and has not directly related to the version of VHDL Simili you are using.
  2. Symphony EDA prefers that you enable the "Configuration using services" checkbox for configuring (enabling or disabling) the license managers.
  3. Switch over to the "Start/Stop/Reread" tab and click on the "Stop Server" button
  4. Switch over to the "Config Services" tab and disable the check boxes at the bottom of the page (the checkboxes that automatically start the license manager at system power-up). 
  5. Use the "Save Service" button to save any changes you have made in the "Config Services" tab.
  6. To start the License manager for the version you wish to run, go back to the first tab ("Service/License File") and select the appropriate license manager.
  7. Switch to the "Start/Stop/Reread" tab and then press the "Start Server" button.
  8. Optional: If you want this license manager to start at system power-up, switch over to the "Config. Services" tab and select the check-boxes at the bottom of the page appropriately and then press the "Save Service" button.


  1. In a shell window, change directory to the version of the <install-dir>/bin directory of the appropriate version of the software (the version you want to disable)
  2. In the directory, execute the command

        ./lmdown -c symphony.lic

    Replace the file "symphony.lic" with the actual license file path name if you are not using the default name. After doing this, make sure that the processes "lmgrd" and "symlm" are not running anymore.

  3. If you have configured the license manager to start during a reboot (for example in rc.local) make sure you remember to remove it if this is not desired.
  4. Change directory to the version you want to enable <install-dir>/bin and then execute the following commad

        ./lmgrd -c symphony.lic -l /tmp/symlmgrd11.log

    Please find complete instructions for starting the license manager in section 3.6 of the users manual.