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Welcome to Symphony EDA.

We are proud to introduce VHDL Simili, a very fast VHDL Compiler and Simulator wrapped in a friendly, powerful, integrated development environment -- available for Windows and Linux.  

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VHDL Design Contributors Program University Program

Symphony EDA would like to thank all Simili users who generously contributed their designs for our validation purposes. Contribute a large VHDL design (~100,000 gates or larger) to our performance testing database, and qualify to receive a $200 discount on any Professional Edition purchase. All contributed designs are treated with the strictest confidentiality. If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

Academic institutions are encouraged to join the Symphony EDA University Program, which provides full-featured HDL simulation tools to undergraduate classes and graduate research groups. Have your students learn with real-world EDA tools while staying well within your faculty laboratory budget.

VHDL Simili includes a comprehensive graphical user interface (SonataTM), language-sensitive text editor, smart compilation and project management, code coverage in both statistical and visual form, and support for all commercial FPGA vendors. Find out more about VHDL Simili and experience its full functionality with a free trial license.

Purchase VHDL Simili at our online store today. VHDL Simili 3.x, with its vast performance enhancements, offers exceptional value in both the Standard Edition (from US$300 for a 1-year license) and Professional Edition (from US$750 for a 1-year license).


Click on the graphic above to get a better look (Linux version looks almost identical)


Oct. 2006: Release 3.1 (Beta) is now available for general download. It is a cumulative bug-fix release.

Feb. 2006: An update to Release 3.0 is now available (Build#14) for general download. It is a bug-fix release.

June 2005: Symphony EDA announces Production Release of VHDL Simili 3.0, offering significant performance enhancements.  Press Release  Release Notes

Apr. 2005: Symphony EDA announces Beta release of VHDL Simili 3.0.

Mar. 2005: Symphony EDA is pleased to announce the launch of the worldwide University Program intended to provide group licensing for beginner and advanced digital logic laboratories.

Mar. 2005: Our next major revision, VHDL Simili Version 3.0 is going to preview in April 2005. This release features major performance enhancements to behavioral, RTL and gate-level VHDL simulations, that can significantly speed up your simulations.

Nov. 2004: There are some important updates and bug fixes available now. Please review the build notes for change. This update may be especially important to Xilinx core-generator users.

Feb. 2004: VHDL Simili Version 2.3 is released. This release contains major performance improvements that can boost simulation performance by upto 50% (2X) for designs that are simulated with waveforms. Please see release notes for more information.

Contact Information:

Please visit our technical support page to view FAQ's, get online support. It is free for all users (paid or otherwise).

Please visit our feedback page to tell us what you think about our company, products, web site, etc.



Oct  2006:
Release VHDL Simili 3.1 Beta now available for download

Feb 2006:
An update to
VHDL Simili 3.0 (Build#14) is now available for download

June 2005:
VHDL Simili 3.0 Production Release Available (Download now), 2x-8x performance improvement. Press Release

Apr 2005:
VHDL Simili 3.0 Beta Available

Mar 2005:
Symphony EDA announces University Program

Mar 2005:
Presenting VHDL Simili 3.0

Nov 2004:
Important update for 2.3 now available

Feb 2004:
Version 2.3 Released, 2x performance improvements

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